The Death Test: Successes and learning points


Successes: The Death Test project was a success! The work produced was of a high standard, the students were engaged by the activity of having to go and explain their final project to their English Teacher, and I was able to put their work in a nice presentation for my “Wall of Fame”. Excellent. All good so far….

Learning points: About a week later I came into my class to find that the presentation had been taken down and that I had an email from a senior member of staff.


A long (and rather sensible) conversation made short; I was advised it was probably not sensible to have work about people going crazy and killing themselves up on my walls. Fair cop – that is understandable. It’s definitely the kind of thing I should think a bit more about when planning my next project.

Every day is a chance to learn somethingĀ I suppose! Or as an old colleague (before I was a teacher) used to say “everyday is a school day”…

P.S. I’ve attached some pics of the project (I guess the painting was a little haunted!)

IMG_0138 IMG_0137 IMG_0136


The Death Test

So… this week I actually did a Project!

I had observed a colleague’s English lesson, before half term and had been amazed at how engaged my lower ability year 9’s were in their ‘Horror Story’ project (and how much work they did). So this week we did a project all based around a haunted painting ( and a death test!

A long (and spooky) story made short; their english teacher is coming in to my lesson on Tuesday to read their revision letters and then she’ll sit the death test(!)… as long as the polar bears don’t get her first…

P.s. I’ve attached the word file I gave as guidance and some of the feedback stickers I plan to use.

The Death Test IMG_0120 IMG_0121