The Death Test: Successes and learning points


Successes: The Death Test project was a success! The work produced was of a high standard, the students were engaged by the activity of having to go and explain their final project to their English Teacher, and I was able to put their work in a nice presentation for my “Wall of Fame”. Excellent. All good so far….

Learning points: About a week later I came into my class to find that the presentation had been taken down and that I had an email from a senior member of staff.


A long (and rather sensible) conversation made short; I was advised it was probably not sensible to have work about people going crazy and killing themselves up on my walls. Fair cop – that is understandable. It’s definitely the kind of thing I should think a bit more about when planning my next project.

Every day is a chance to learn somethingĀ I suppose! Or as an old colleague (before I was a teacher) used to say “everyday is a school day”…

P.S. I’ve attached some pics of the project (I guess the painting was a little haunted!)

IMG_0138 IMG_0137 IMG_0136


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